Project Senconsult:

Senior Citizens' are a reservoir of knowledge, experience and expertise.They have spent long careers in their own vocation, whether in the field of education, engineering, administration, medical , defence services , business, arts & crafts, law, management etc.They have gone through ups and downs in their career and have accumulated enormous experience in the world of work.

Senconsult is the forum to share their experiences with the younger lot, students and organisations so as to be able to  contribute to the soicety at large.The information shared will be based on practical experiences; hence it will be more authentic & relevant.

The senior citizens participating in such programmes will have the satisfaction of making use of their time and expertise in mor eproductive ways. It is also likely that they keep themselves updated with new developments which will in turn rejuvenate their energies.

The service provided will be in the form of interaction meetings, awareness programmes, seminars and workshops. Counselling sessions will be held wherein the knowledge and practial experience will be shared. The consultancy may also be provided at board level to NGOs', other charitable institutions, government departments, private enterprises, individuals etc. so that they can contribute need based information.

The service is voluntary and free of charge and are provided in good faith.